Evan and Friends meet an Ancient King

Most people have used creative visualisation their entire lives, long before they knew there was a name for it. Children have vivid imaginations and creative visualisation usually comes quite naturally to them. However, because we have so many ready-made images from such sources as TV, it is more important than ever to encourage and provide opportunities for our children to use their imaginations.

This book was inspired by my Grandson Evan who was born in 2019. It is the first of what will be six books telling of the adventures of Evan and his friends, Grayson and Violet. They do not know that they are friends yet as their Mums met at antenatal clinic.

This first book tells of Evan and friends in Wales, whilst on a trip with Evan’s parents. Playing in the woods they come across a very old cottage. They venture inside and make a discovery that leads them to a witch, a wizard and a dragon. But was it all a dream? Well, read the book and you will find out.

The aim of the story is to excite children’s imagination.

Being a book for children about children, I thought it only right that a children’s charity should benefit. Half of the money raised will go to a trust for Evan, and the other half will go to Demelza Children’s Hospice. A little more about Demelza can be found in the book.

Help your children to use their imaginations and enjoy a story of an ancient King.